Photo Report: Stillwater, Minnesota

Frank Juárez

This was the third time I have visited Stillwater, Minnesota. It is quaint, small city nestled on the St. Croix River. When traveling, staying downtown is always best. You get a taste of what I consider the heart of the city and you can walk, eat, and drink until your belly is content. Good thing there is the St. Croix Crossing Loop Trail to burn off those calories. I would suggest to start at the St. Croix Crossing Bridge so that you end up walking through the Stillwater Lift Bridge, which leads right to Leo’s Grill & Malt Shop.

I like a city that says, ‘art lives here’. Unfortunately, that vibe isn’t felt in Stillwater. However, there are three galleries you can visit to see and buy local art such as Stillwater Art Guild Gallery.

But if you are into food, cocktails, and water, then this is definitely a place worth visiting.

Did you know that Minnesota started in Stillwater back in 1843?

Below is a collective list of recommended places. 

Recommended place(s) to eat 

Recommended place(s) to visit

Recommended place to stay centrally located in downtown Rochester.

Recommended place for coffee

Photo Collection

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