Europe: France + Italy

Europe: France + Italy Photo Book

I am happy to announce that in April 2015 I will be releasing my first photography book, Europe: France + Italy. With over a decade of taking photographs of daily life, urban landscapes, public events, people and travels I was inspired to produce my first photography book with the help of Erika L Block from Creative Studios.

This past summer I had the opportunity to travel to Paris, Montmartre, Versailles, Grasse, Monaco, Assisi, Pisa, Vatican City, Nice, Florence, and Rome.

I fell in love with the people, their enthusiasm, pride, their culture, and their city.  – Frank Juarez

Europe: France + Italy

Release Date: April 2015

80 pages, black and white

Published by the Frank Juarez Gallery, 2015

Book design by Erika L Block | Creative Studios

Cost: Out of Stock

This book will be signed by the photographer. 

All images from the Europe: France + Italy are available.
Limited Edition of 5 | Signed and Numbered by the photographer
Prints are available framed or unframed.

About a limited edition

A limited edition refers to a limited number of prints made of a particular photograph. While there are no standardized rules for limited edition prints, print runs are limited to no more than 250 prints.

Limited edition photographs are numbered and hand signed by the photographer. The limited edition print number is written in a fraction form. The number to the left is the individual print number and the number to the right indicates the total prints available in that edition. For example a print with the numbers 1/5 means this is print number 1 out of a total of 5 prints.

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