Frank Juarez: Be in the Moment (PDF)

PDF released: 05/25/2020

“This pandemic definitely changes a person. It changes how we see, respond, and adapt to our new way of living. Two things I have noticed is how much I have taken simple things for granted and forgotten how to live in the moment.” – Frank Juarez

For the past two and half months, like many of us, I have spent my days indoors. I find myself wondering if life will become normal again. Wondering if and when I will be able to treat myself that weekly mocha and crueler from my favorite local bakery in Sheboygan and having the choice to sit inside to enjoy it. Wondering what studio visits will look like this summer. Wondering how artist receptions and exhibitions will be managed. Being someone who is actively engaged in the local art scene, these are things that I am missing.

As I sit here and think about how I will navigate this new outlook, I have to remind myself that it is okay to ‘just’ live. To enjoy the simple things that we tend to push aside like reading your favorite book, taking a walk around your neighborhood, or sitting on your front step drinking black coffee while the hot Wisconsin sun slaps you on the face. It is easy to get caught up in daily life with a calendar full of appointments, deadlines, and meetings once we feel that things are looking up.

We live in uncertain times. With uncertainty comes doubt, anxiety, and anticipation for a new day. Each day brings hope reminding me to be in the moment.

These photos and screenshots are a glimpse into my life from March 17 through May 30, 2020. This documentation is my way of coping with this pandemic.

Make time for yourself and for those that you love. Art truly heals.

Frank Juarez


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