My husband and I just received our wedding photographs from Frank Juarez, and they were absolutely amazing! Frank has the talent and ability to capture those special moments, ones that I never even imagined could be captured by camera! These photos and the moments reflected in the pictures will be treasured and kept for a lifetime. Frank is everything and more that you would look for in a photographer. He is friendly, easy to work with, shows interest in his clients and their ideas for specific photographs, and he has an incredible talent and skill with his camera. The ease at which he moves around to capture pictures from several different angles and directions is seamless. Frank Juarez is the perfect photographer who will capture those spur of the moment events. His pictures are unique and creative, ones you will not be able to get anywhere else! Thank you once again for your amazing talent at photography and for being our photographer for our special day! ~ Josh and Jocelyn Becker

“As a bride, you are well aware of all the stress of planning, making decisions and meeting with numerous vendors. Choosing a photography is no easy task, however the best decision my groom and I made was having Frank Juarez Photography capture the most important day of our new life together. Frank was always thorough, prompt and punctual. I was at complete ease with him. His creativity and attention to detail captured many moments that my groom and I will cherish forever. They say that your wedding photos are your first family heirloom. I am forever grateful of the photography of Frank Juarez making our family heirloom incredible”. ~ Meggan Sommersberger., Sheboygan

“Frank has the ability to capture the candid moments in a way to be treasured for a lifetime. He has the patience, capability and knowledge to make each session unique and memorable. Frank is the complete package when it comes to photography photo shoots”. ~  Becky Achter, Saukville
“Our photo shoot experience was very fun! You are so creative and talented. I loved the spontaneous photos you took in the diverse setting. You are a pleasure to work with and the kids actually enjoyed taking pictures. Your affordability is refreshing in this economy. Picture perfect!” ~  Amee Dulmes, Sheboygan

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